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Sing or play your instrument over music. Combine audio. This is a great unit made of solid metal. Plug into the wall or use portable battery clip (battery clip provided). Use the mixer with the battery clip for portable mixing. These mixers are studio quality – very clean signal. The balanced line input ensures that your microphone or instrument is amplified whilst reducing the noise. The frequency response is EXTREMELY flat over all frequencies – this ensures that you get a very clean signal through the mixer. The microphone (line) input has 48 dB gain, which is plenty for all your needs. The RCA inputs have 12 dB gain each, which is perfect for amplifying soft outputs like your iphone or ipad, or other device.Full metal case
Runs for days on a 9v battery (battery clip provided), or use wall AC/DC adapter (9 to 20v, 2.1 mm positive tip)
1 microphone input (can amplify instruments as well – balanced line)
stereo RCA input – play from your iphone, android, table, computer, cd player, etc. Mono RCA output
Mono output