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TUNING YOUR INSTRUMENT HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! Tune with the clip on pickup or by ear, in chromatic mode or guitar/bass automatic mode. Keep your rhythm effortlessly with this adjustable-volume metronome, using the easy-to-read LCD screen or with headphones. Sub-divisions include quarters, triplets and various combinations. Take this pocket-size metronome tuner with you: It is lightweight and portable, a handy accessory wherever you play, combining metronome and tuner functions into a single package saves you valuable space, without any compromise in quality. Get the Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner NOW and Take Advantage Of Our FULL ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE.EASY, INTUITIVE INTERFACE – Tune your instrument easily with just a few buttons, and a big LCD screen with green/red flashing lights giving a visual aid for tuning or keeping tempo. Switch to flat and double-flat tuning with the press of a button. Tune your guitar easily when using with a capo. The big LCD display screen with its flashing lights gives a convenient visual aid when tuning or using the metronome. Includes also tone generator mode.
SUPER FLEXIBLE METRONOME FUNCTION – Metronome features 8 sub-division options, as well as 8 beat options and a wide range of tempos. Use the LCD display or headphones for a quieter way to keep time, or turn up adjustable volume control for a clear beat that’s easy to hear over your music. Use the metronome when playing the piano, you can place it comfortably for you to hear and see with its standing clip.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Lightweight, travel-size tuner includes one year guarantee. Simply contact us with any issues for a prompt replacement. This metronome tuner is a fantastic compact device, comparable and even better than devices of the big companies – Korg, Snark, Planet Waves, Fender etc. It is the best choice for a beginner music student and for the pro. A great gift or stocking stuffer whenever you are looking for a music accessories gift for your musician.
ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – Comes with clip on pickup and two AAA batteries, as well as a detailed instruction manual.
FAST AND ACCURATE TUNING – Tune your instrument easily and accurately. Tune your acoustic, classic or electric guitar and bass with auto tuning modes. Tune your violin, viola, mandolin, ukulele (uke), banjo, 12 string guitar and other instruments, or guitar alternative tuning, with the chromatic tuning mode. (Our customers have used this device even with the clarinet and saxophone!) Use the clip on attachment to pick up vibrations directly from your string instrument for extra-sensitive tuning.