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Most people are aware of the reputation that drummers have acquired over the years. Stereotypes are mainly born from the act of drummers hitting things with wood and also press coverage (ie of gorillas playing drums, heavy alcohol abuse, tattoos, Keith Moon etc).

Although these images may be desirable when promoting a rock and roll ensembles, these stereotypes are certainly not of someone who you would want associated with a professional who is teaching your child.

Therethrough through this article, many of the points raised will address issues thatought to indicate that a drum tutor is a professional musician, and not just a drummer who is running a site from a bedroom.

Therefore a good initial assessment when first clicking on a site is to ask; does the site's appearance look like that of a drummer, or like that of a professional? There is a huge difference between the two, as a professional who knows what s / he is doing and will present their site as such before the user of the site has even read any of the text.

The text itself should be clear and concise. I would certainly assume a tutor who extensibly delivering the obvious (ie a detailed description explaining how "we cover, working with a band, rudiments, groove") as tutor who lacks substance.

A good drum teacher will instead possess the relevant 'tickets' associated with providing professional tuition.

The most important of these 'tickets' is the enhanced criminal records bureau check (or enhanced CRB). This document is required by any organization that works with children or vulnerable adults and so parents and adults seeking tuition should expect it too. It must be stated however, that no parent should leave their child with a drum tutor, as any good tutor will insure that parents remain present through lessons – According to the Suzuki method, when parents remain present through lessons it advances learning, and their presence will also maintain discipline.

A professional tutor should also be a member of a related trade body such as the Learning Skills Council, or the Musicians' Union. Again this is an indicator of whether a drum tutor is indeed a professional, with all the relevant paperwork (ie public liability insurance) in order.

This emphasis on looking for relevant paperwork as an indicator to standard can also be extended to the Syllabus which will be delivered during lessons.

You should certainly expect lessons to deliver a Trinity Guildhall, or Rock School graduated curriculum to younger students. This demonstrates that tried and tested methods are being used to deliver structured lessons that gradually build skill. Trinity Guildhall is the highest standard of musical instrument curriculum. However it covers many styles such as theater, Latin, and Jazz, and so it has proven to be harder to motivate children to undertake its syllabus. Here the lower standard Rock School grades are often the main 'weapon of choice' chosen by tutors. Both systems are beneficial depending on the temperament, and age of the child.

In terms of relevant paperwork relating to the quality of the syllabus, I would also expect that a tutor has a music degree, or music related degree (ie popular music, jazz and commercial pop). Again this indicates that a tutor is a serious professional musician who has undertaken concerted deliberate effort to progress to the level of a professional musician. Universities, Colleges and Conservatives certainly prefer teachers with professional qualifications, and therefore, so should any individual seeking private drum tuition.

There is a great deal of difference between a talented musician, and a talented teacher, though both skills would certainly be more desirable in a drum teacher. I would there hope to see examples of prospective tutors' performances on a web site, though going with the best sounding drummer is certainly not always the best choice.

Musical ability, coupled with the issues described above should certainly contribute to discriminating between drum tutors who advertise.

It is a proven fact that a poor teacher will greatly stifle ability, and so the utmost consideration must be undertaken when choosing between providers.

Source by Brynn Reed

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets