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Our parents see to the imposing of certain forms of discipline from birth to the day we leave home for good. There are even parents who attempt to continue it after that event.

When we begin to head toward adulthood one of the things we have to do is learn how to acquire the necessary self discipline to succeed at whatever we are doing. It often is not the easiest task facing us as we grow into adults.

Parental Responsibilities

Obviously parents can be very helpful in aiding their children in forming habits that will see them develop what is needed as they pursue their lives.

One of the difficulties of being a parent is being able to allow the child to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Since we have all made a bundle of mistakes the temptation is to try to protect our offspring from falling into the same trap. But we must allow them to grow up and part of that will be making mistakes.

Mistakes are almost the best way to begin to learn about the elements of self discipline that are required for a full and happy life.

After Leaving Home

Soon after you recover from having to pay the rent, wash the clothes and do the shopping you find out that you have to control this nuisance of getting enough sleep and eating the right foods. The list goes on and on as to what you discover when you eventually get rid of your parents on a daily basis.


When either during university or wherever you go after high school you discover the direction you want your life to go the business of self discipline really does raise its, at times, ugly head.

Music As A Career

Since I am a musician it is easiest for me to talk about this subject as a musician. One of the things that a musician realizes quite soon in life is that in order to be a professional musician you have to commit yourself to a kind of discipline which will enable you to learn to like and enjoy the tyranny of daily practice and study.

In the music profession there is no graduation from this routine. No matter how successful you are, in fact the more successful you are the more practice and self discipline you require, you will face a lifetime of being a slave to practice, study and making sure that you stay fit and healthy so that you can perform your duties as a professional.


The secret of being able to have a happy career as a musician is to possess a sufficient passion so that the necessary discipline is not a curse but instead is a real pleasure.

It may sound strange in the first instance, but in reality it is possible to genuinely enjoy practicing and studying and looking forward to doing more of it each day.


It is this feeling that you need to quest for and attain if you are going to be a happy and successful musician.

I have the sneaky suspicion that in many ways the same sort of thing applies to all careers.

Source by Dobbs Franks

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets