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Download the DohPro script here if you’d like it…

As many of you know, I like using GoPro cameras for a lot of filming. They’re compact, rugged, and generally hassle-free. However, there is one problem that’s quite the annoyance: anyone who has recorded more than 5 minutes of continuous video knows that the camera automatically splits the video into segments. (It does this in so as to not corrupt an entire long recording in case of file errors, if you’re curious.)

This would normally be fine, except GoPro uses an utterly batshit file naming convention. A recording that spans across multiple segments will have a series of numerical designations that are not sequential but will instead be mixed in among multiple other files on the SD card.

This script quickly renames any GoPro MP4 files in a way that makes much more sense.

Watch the video

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets