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Length: 6 inch / 15cm
Plug Diameter: 1/4-inch/ 6.35mm
Shielded multi conductor cable
Material quality: Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
Jacket material: PVC
Outer diameter: OD4.0*2(mm)
The main purposes: Audio, musical instruments, engineering and various kinds of information transmission

Package included:
6 x Donner Professional Guitar Effect Pedal Cable (6 inch / 15cm)
1.The cables have an extremely low capacitance, superb noise rejection and amazing clarity.The Black-Gold connector design will also visually compliment your gear and will look extremely sleek in your rig
2.All our custom made cables are professionally soldered with a Proprietary 4% Silver solder blend;
3.Using high purity copper shielding ensures extreme low noise, while the high purity copper center conductor delivers the signals as they are. The cross-linked polyethylene dielectric is heat resistant and will not shrink as quickly as PVC.
4.Used for audio signal transmission of microphone, amplifier, mixing console and other equipment. If you want the best cable to go from your instrument to your rig, the Donner Professional Guitar Effect Pedal Cable is the best choice
5.All of these cables undergo extensive listening tests to ensure they meet Donner’s standards of clarity, accuracy and quality