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CD/MP3 input jack:3.5mm
Headphone input jack :3.5mm
Power Supply: Lithium battery with LED power indicator
Dimensions: 80mm (D)*30mm (W)*15mm (H)
Net weight: 50g

Warm Tips
Cation:First,plug mini amp into the guitar connector.Next,connect the earphone and turn down the sound volume control to the lowest level Then,turn on the mini amp.The lights at the right-bottom of the front panel shows three different battery power levels;three lights 80%-100%,two light 50%-79% and one light 20%-49%(In need of recharging).On the right side is the USB charger indicator light which will only turn on when it’s in charging.

Package included:
1 x Donner Heavy Rock Headphone Guitar AMP
1 x Splitter Headphone Audio Adapter
1 x Stereo Male To Male Cable
1 x USB Charging Cable
1.Connections: Headphone Out, AUX In.Aux in jack lets you play along with your CD/MP3 player
2.Up to 15 hours battery life with supplied lithium battery
3.Ture ananlog circuit faithfully simulates the response of the original amps
4.Classic Rock give you the great high-gain sound of a mini amp
5.Power Supply: Lithium battery with LED power indicator.Plug&play