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Material: aluminum alloy, light weight and portable.
Power: AC 100v-240v.
Input: DC 18v.
–7 way 9v 100ma.
–1 way 9v 500ma.
–1 way 12v 100ma.
–1 way18v 100ma. Dimension: 150 x 50x 30mm.
Net weight: 196g.
Color: black.

Short-circuit protection
All 10 outputs in this unit have separate short-circuit protection, i.e. Short circuit in one channel won’t affect other channels’ function. Under the circumstances of all LED lights on, LED light of the short-circuited channel will off, while lights in the other normal channels are still on. This helps locating the faults when there were short circuits among many effectors.

Incorrect polarity would damage this unit, please make sure correct positive and negative polar before wiring. Package included:
1 x donner dp-1 supply.
1 x power adapter.
10 x DC power cable.
2 x polarity reversal cable.
1 x user manual.10 Isolated output, isolated short circuit/overcurrent protected
Material: aluminium alloy, light weight and portable
Bright blue LED for pedal board lighting & short circuit indicate
Includes link power cables (10pcs)
Power: AC 100v-240v input: DC 18v powers for 9v 12v or 18v pedal