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In this article you'll receive 3 incredible drumline rehearsal tips for you.

Now, if you're marching in a drumline (indoor or outdoor) you know that it all comes down to the DETAILS in making it to one of those Top 3 ensemble spots. I particularly can care less about placing in the Top 3 because I'm always fueled to work hard, efficient, and effective at rehearsal, then DOMINATE my competitors.

I mean, we compete against other groups right? The goal is to be the best right?

Well, why go soft? Why only go for "If we could only get into the Top 6 spots …" or "If we could only make Finals …"

Forget that. Nope. Idea has left the mind.

You gotta go BIG or get in the stands. Look, we all put tons of money to do this activity and spend HOURS rehearsing, do not let it go to waste. Make sure you're making the most of your last couple of rehearsals for Indoor and fuel yourself up to start the Summer.

Today we're getting straight into 3 Rehearsal Tips you can use to MAXIMIZE your results during your rehearsals:

1. Drumline Rehearsal Tip # 1:

Cut the distractions – Eliminate every and any distractions you get during rehearsal. Hey, I've been there: rehearsals can get long and it's easy to get sidetracked / brain fried with information overload. It's down to the last set of details now. Make sure your sole focus is on rehearsing only. Cut the chatter, cut the texting, cut the insert-your-excuse-to-get-beat-by-your-competition-here. FOCUS on learning it right the first time, and doing it right ever time. Consistency is key in this activity, so get your stuff down by cutting distractions. Your drumline will thank you.

2. Drumline Rehearsal Tip # 2

Master you own gig; let the instructors worry about others – Look, each individual has their own set of responsibilities from dots, music, body movement, facial expression, whatever – Make sure you are handling on your own part before looking or commenting to others. Of course it's easy to talk about others, no responsibility. But remember, if you're in a group, it does not matter – uniform or not – you're judged as a group. Handle ALL of your responsibilities.

3. Drumline Rehearsal Tip # 3

Be the motivator – In 2009, I had the longest and last marching year ever. I was juggling Indoor, Outdoor, Teaching, the whole 9 yards. I remember being on tour and being sooo tired: burnt from the sun, always dirty / sweaty, long rehearsal hours, increased competition, major changes daily to music / drill. I mean, some days it's sooooo easy to just be like "Man, I'm OVER this."

But instead of breaking myself down over the odds, I quickly reminded myself of what I was up against. Look, your competition is most likely going through the same hardships and tough odds as you. Heck, they probably have MORE rehearsals than you do too! Just remember yourself that if you're going easy, if you're not working hard at rehearsal, if you're not trying to MAX out every rep and every run-through, then YOU WILL GET BEAT OUT BY YOUR COMPETITION.

So what I did is every time I felt down and out of it, I quickly sparked myself up at the drumline rehearsal and got my teams to hype up about going for a Championship. Be inspirational man. If you're down, step it up and go even HARDER and bring every one's spirit up with you.

On a final note: it does not matter what named-group you are a part of, you can always take that group to the next level.

Go big: it's now to perform or end up in the stands watching,

Anthony Huerta


Source by Anthony Huerta

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets