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DuaFire Wireless Microphone Speech Headset Megaphone Radio Mic for Voice Amplifier,Smart TV,Stereo,Digital SLR,Speaker, Karaoke, Computer(2.4G)

1.Longer wireless transmission distance,detachable,easy to take.
2.Good versatility 3.5mm plug with 6.35mm adapter.
3.Selection of high-quality materials, micro-USB charging port.
4.Double-channel,Balanced stereo,clear voice to every corner.
5.Widely used: Teaching, tour guide, sales promotion, lectures, meetings, karaoke, fans singing and so on.
6.Note:The original battery amout is not sufficient. Be sure to charge up the battery first before using it.

Product Parameters:
1.Input Voltage Range: DC3.3V-5.5V
2.Maximum Current: ≤40mA
3.Battery Type:Built-in lithium battery
4.Charging Time:<2hours
5.Continuous Working Time :≥3hours
6.Frequency Band: 2400-2483Mhz
7.Modulation Method: GFSK
8.matching selection:Auto Pairing
9.Transmission Distance: 40m
10.RX Sensitivity: -88dBm
11.Sampling Frequency: 16KS/s
12.S/N Ratio:≥65dB(f=1kHz, P=1Pa A curve)

1*Handheld microphone
1*Removable ear hook
1*Signal receiver
1*USB charge cable
1*6.35mm exchange plug for receiver
1*User manual
2.4G wireless transmission technology, 40m stable wireless connection at open area, loud, clear and high fidelity sound, no interference and echo, you can synchronize enjoy your karaoke, without interference, freedom to adjust the volume
High quality voice amplifier with high-end wireless microphone,5-30w output power makes high fidelity and loud sound,6.35mm exchange plug for receiver to makes the mic can also used on other devices
Headset and handhold 2 in 1: remove the head bracket, hold the transmitter in hand, it will becomes a handhold microphone. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, and it can be charged with USB
Plug and play, convenient to use,no complex set up, just plug receiver into MIC jack of your device and turn on transmitter and receiver and wait 2 seconds, transmitter and receiver will connect automatically
Ultra-light design,wear comfortable: the heda-worn crack is made of metal,it is elastic and it is comfortable to wear even for long time,helps the user performance better

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets