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Introducing our new 1x Guitar Tuner + 1x One Hand Guitar Capo + 1x Cool Rock band Guitar Pick Set to keep your Instrument in tune any time and play like you always wanted to!

Our Attractive & Digital Acoustic Electric Guitar Tuner can measure the pitch of a musical instrument to adjust or correct the input signal to the desired pitch. The tuner scale is chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele. The sound is projected acoustically for an acoustic guitar. It is essential for musicians regardless of playing style and it is an interactive guitar lesson.

Our universal One Handed Guitar Capo has slightly curved rubber padding to accommodate both straight and curved finger board and can be easily applied in Both Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele. It holds the strings nice and tight. Its Small size makes it more convenient and portable. It’s very easy to press and clamps on any guitar. The Quick and easy release of this Guitar Capo is great for re-positioning it without disturbing the tuning, and playing your music without changing your playing fingers. With this Beginners sounds better due to the rigid grip. So if you are & searching for the easiest way to learn & play, this is surely what you need until you get used to the forming chord shapes. Comes in either white or red color (Contact to request desired color).

The plectrum, which is often called a Guitar Pick is for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars and Mandolins. It is a thin piece of plastic. Its shape is Standard and triangle. The Thinness of our pick can offer less resistance and help you with any of the styles you’re playing. And to add more, it is featured with a special Rock Band logo!

So what are you waiting for? Buy This Essential Guitar Accessories Bundle Right Now and Play Music Like Never Before!

GUITAR TUNER TO KEEP YOUR INSTRUMENTS IN TUNE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Our Small, Compact Size Guitar Tuner Can Rotate 360 Degrees for Easy View, and Tunes Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin Perfectly Fine!
EASY TO USE ONE HAND CAPO FOR HASSLE FREE PLAYING: The Guitar Capo Is Made by Robust Metal, and Is Small in Size. It Clips on a Instruments and Can Help You Easily Change Your Guitar Tone to Your Suitable Pitch.
GREAT GUITAR PICKS FOR COMFORTABLE PLAYING: Our Premium Quality Celluloid Guitar Picks Provides Natural Feel and Much Brighter Sound Than Usual Plastic Picks. The Guitar Picks Are in Classic Shape with a Wide Body and Rounded Tip.
MATERIALS: The Guitar Tuner is made with Durable Plastic & a large LED screen, The Guitar Capo is made of Aluminum alloy and The Guitar Pick / Plectrums are made of Celluloid (thickness : 0.3mm) and features an Awesome logo of Popular Rock Bands!
PERFECT SET FOR BEGINNERS & PROS: With This Awesome Guitar Tuner + Capo + Pick Set, You Can Learn & Play More Comfortably Than Ever!

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets