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Instant Recall. With the HOG2’s myriad sounds, the HOG2 Foot Controller gives you easy access to up to 100 stored presets. Your entire show can be set up at the touch of a button. When recording you have access to complex sound transitions that can give your songs new depth and integrity.Sophisticated new algorithms to improve the quality of the ten generated octaves and harmonics as well as the Freeze function; HOG2 sold separately
Receives power from the HOG2
Stores presets in your HOG2, not the Foot Controller
Save and recall up to 100 preset programs with the optional foot controller (versus six with the original HOG)
Controllable harmonic intervals: -2 octaves, -1 octave, original note, +5th, +1 octave, +1 octave +5th, +2 octaves, +2 octaves +3rd, +3 octaves, + 4 octaves