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The award winning HOG (Harmonic Octave Generator) earned kudos from players and reviewers alike for its ability to exponentially expand a musician’s sound palette. Now EHX take the HOG to an even greater level of performance and functionality with the HOG2. It delivers complete control of ten totally polyphonic and glitch free voices ranging from two octaves below to four above the instrument’s pitch all without the need for a special pickup or instrument mods of any kind.Sophisticated new algorithms to improve the quality of the ten generated octaves and harmonics as well as the Freeze function; Foot controller sold separately
Full MIDI control over all parameters and presets
Master Volume for added control and convenience; Volume levels are saved as part of a preset
Save and recall up to 100 preset programs with the optional foot controller (versus six with the original HOG)
Controllable harmonic intervals: -2 octaves, -1 octave, original note, +5th, +1 octave, +1 octave +5th, +2 octaves, +2 octaves +3rd, +3 octaves, + 4 octaves