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Add a trio of tone to your pedalboard with electro-harmonix Tone Tattoo multi-effects pedal. Unlike most multi-effects pedals, the Tone Tattoo features all-analog circuitry. By shoehorning in three of their most popular pedals, electro-harmonix has created an awesome unit that is almost a complete pedalboard by itself. The Tone Tattoo starts off with the Metal Muff distortion. Flavored more towards the hard rock/metal genre, this section features a 2-band EQ and 3-way scoop switch so you can dial in your favorite tones. A Neo Clone chorus gives you the thick, lush swirling sounds of the original Small Clone pedal. And to finish off this toneful trio is a Memory Toy delay. With a range of 30ms to 550ms of delay and a blend control, you can add a as little or as much delay as you want. Each effect has its own on/off switch. If you’re allowed only one pedal in your signal chain, the electro-harmonix Tone Tattoo should be it.Gate Threshold, Volume, Drive, Bass and Treble knobs (Metal Muff section)Scoop switch (Metal Muff section)Gate button (Metal Muff section)Rate knob (Neo Cone section)Depth button (Neo Cone section)Delay, Feedback, Blend and Gain knobs (Memory Toy section)Each effect section has its own independent footswitchNew noise gate means minimal noise.