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Music enthusiasts know that the right equipment, and accessories can make or break the sound experience of your home. Electrohome is proud to deliver its durable silicone rubber non-scratch, turntable mat that ensures exceptional sound for any record player.

Hear Your Records Exactly as the Artist Intended
To truly appreciate the sound of your vinyl records, you’ll want to hear your music exactly as the musician did. A platter mat accomplishes this by allowing the record to remain isolated from unwanted platter micro-vibration resulting in a deep, full, tone for high fidelity playback of your vinyl music.

Thought Out Design
Every detail is accounted for to produce the highest quality playback possible. With a recessed center, the turntable mat allows your records to lay perfectly flat.

Compatible with All Turntables
Easily place this turntable mat on all standard 12″ turntable platters. The mat will conform to your turntables spindle.

Upgrade Stock Turntable Mats
Turntable mats come in a variety of materials each with various impacts on audio playback. Upgrade standard foam or felt mats to silicone rubber to increase the grip on your records and reduce any record slippage.The secret weapon for audio enthusiasts looking to maximize their turntable experience. Durable silicone rubber provides a 12″ flat, non-scratch surface
Hear your records exactly as the artist intended. The dampening qualities ensure your records remain isolated from unwanted platter micro-vibration resulting in a deep, full, tone from your record player
Recessed center allows LPs to lay flat on the turntable regardless of label thickness to maintain the integrity of the record during playback
Compatible with all turntables. It can be used on all standard 12″ turntable platters and will conform to your turntables spindle
Upgrade your existing felt or foam platter mat with a silicone rubber material which provides additional grip resulting in reduced record slippage

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets