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Entil: Profession supplier for Musical Instrument Fittings


1)Portable size: Only ⅔ of small iPhone size.

2)Hard surface:Aluminum alloy provide enough protection for the set.

3)Easy to use: Setting and control the set through 3 knobs.

4)Wide range of application: Can work with any 9v power.

1)Delay time:50-400ms
2)Max input/output level: 1.5Vrms
3)Input /Output impedance:100/150 kohm
4)Dimension:3.5*1.2*1.4 inches

1*Guitar Effect Pedal

*Warm Tips*
1)We will upload more Musical Instrument Fittings in our Entil brand.
2)The misusage for power adapter usually can lead to a loud buzzing sound.
3)Please feel free to contact with us if you have any question.
Compatible to any 9V, negative tip effect pedal power adapters. Absolutely true bypass.
Cute and Portable. 3.5*1.2*1.4 inches size. Make it easy to carry and storage.
Aluminum alloy shell with concise black/green/red color,classic, stable and strong.
3 knobs control the effect, feedback and delay time, easy to setting and control
Easy to judge. LED indicator shows the working state for your sets.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets