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This is one micro bass head that sacrifices nothing in the pursuit of great tone. Precise, intoxicatingly powerful, and “there” like you’ve never felt before. It’s the true sound of your bass, with a crystalline clarity you have to hear to believe. With Piccolo, your sound jumps at the slightest touch, almost as fast as you put finger to string. Power, precision, clarity, and impact, from low B to triple high C. It’s ultra-fast, ultra-transparent, and the first ultra-light bass amp to proudly wear the Epifani badge. Introducing the Vintage circuit-an Epifani exclusive-that adds a warm, tube-like, 1960’s tone to the overall output. Epifani’s award-winning amplifiers combine a studio-quality preamp with an audiophile-grade power amp to deliver power, precision, and transparency that sets the bar higher than ever before.Professional bass amplifier design by Epifani in NYC.
Small, light, and easy to transport. Only 4.5 pounds.
Rugged, tour-ready construction; International power supply.
Legendary sound used by Lincoln Goines, Ron Carter, Matt Garrison and more.
Powerful enough to drive multiple bass speaker cabinets.