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Epiphone Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player Pack–Perfect for the Beginner

The Epiphone PR-5E has played stages and studios for years. Now, its newest sibling, the PR-4E, comes to you exclusively in this value-packed acoustic/electric player pack. Paired with a Studio-10 acoustic amp with balanced and line inputs (for adding a microphone) as well as Chorus, it includes a gig bag, strap, cord, tuner, picks and instructional DVD. Everything you need to get you playing out live.

Features a cutaway style.

Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Epiphone’s newest baby is the PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar and it is a real workhorse acoustic/electric for the stage and in the studio. This ideal size and shape guitar is constructed with Mahogany body and Select Spruce top, Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard and Chrome hardware. It features a passive piezo pickup with volume control.

Cutaway Style
Some ask why a guitar in the cutaway style. The answer is simple: better access to the frets. A single cutaway allows the fingers to move past the neck-body join. In an acoustic guitar, cutaways can change the sound quality of the guitar. In an electric guitar, it makes no difference if it is a single cutaway or a double cutaway. It all comes down to style and fingering preference.

Studio-10 Acoustic Amp
This is a small 10-Watt solid-state practice amp made by Epiphone. Its controls include volume, gain, treble, mid, bass and a boost switch. The controls are excellent for an amp this size. This versatile amp is excellent for the beginner and can take a more experienced player a long way. It is ideal as a practice amp. It does not sacrifice sound while it protects your fuses.

Has a 10-Watt amp (Shown in black).

Ideal for the Beginner
Finding electric guitars for sale cheap with an amp is an essential task for the beginning guitar player. If you have ever walked into a music store, you know the sky is the limit when it comes to how much money can be spent on guitars and amplifiers. However, there is no reason for economics to get in the way of your musical future. With the Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player Pack all you need to do is start strumming.

Mahogany body
Passive Piezo pickups
Rosewood fretboard