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Pat Mastelotto plays for the band King Crimson, though he hardly started his career there. Pat has been playing the drums since the age of ten and by sixteen, he was juggling schoolwork with sometimes lengthy commutes to perform in gigs all around his hometown. He joined King Crimson in 1994, working as their drummer and also producing, editing, and mixing many of the songs for the band. He is also a performer, showing up in over twenty music videos and enthusiastically taking part in tours for the band. Prior to King Crimson, Pat worked for over a dozen musicians as a studio drummer, including Jude Cole, The Rembrandts, Danny Wilde, and many others.

Pat has always been unafraid of hard work. He taught himself how to drum by playing along with records in his home and successfully educated himself and played at the same time. He worked on many low budget sessions in order to meet the right people without the ties that would have made such meetings easier. He juggled his playing with a series of odd jobs in order to support himself in Los Angeles and made even more contacts that way. For example, he worked alongside Cliff Martinez of Chili Pepper stamping envelopes. While working with the band King Crimson, he commuted long hours to perform and managed to juggle that with raising a family and a series of dogs and other pets that he rescued from pounds. He now works as a double drummer with fellow King Crimsoner Bill Bruford, which allows them to explore new ways of double drumming, something that the leader of the band wanted them to do in the first place.

Pat was born in 1955 in Chico, California. He was inspired by Radio and Ringo in his drumming and worked hard at it. He formed the band Mastica in 1999, after King Crimson began to slow down and he realized he wanted to do more human R&D. His search for members who would feel the same took him to places such as Nashville and other local cities.

Pat now lives in Austin, Texas with five dogs, two birds, a cat, his wife and his daughter, all living among far too many drum sets. He still works very hard, traveling around the world for numerous gigs and still performing for King Crimson whenever they have something for him to do. He has an active social life, both online and offline, detailing what is happening to his friends and family and reaching out to his fans in a very personal way.

Source by Drew Mers

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets