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Get rid of your recording background noises once and for all!
Our windscreen is specially designed to fit the blue yeti and blue yeti pro, but can also cover other large size microphones on the market up to 2.5 inches in diameter. from brands such as MXL, Audio Technica and more (depends on the microphone model).

Perfect fit that’s easy to put on!
It’s really hard to find a large size windscreen, as most windscreens are designed to fit smaller microphones, and most of the times the quality is not good enough and the foam tear up tying to get it on the mic. our windscreen has the solution for you.

– Our windscreen will be easy to install and fit the yeti perfectly!
– High quality materials for your long term usage
– Filter those “p” and “t” harsh noises
– Will allow subtle tones go threw the foam
– Protect your mic from saliva and dust damages

Still not sure if this windscreen is the solution? if you are not happy just return it for a 12-month 100% money back guarantee
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– The Blue Yeti Microphone is Not Included

Specifically designed to fit the Blue Yeti and Yeti Pro!
Covers most other mics models on the market up to 2.5 inches in diameter.
Extremely easy to get on your Yeti!
Perfect for protecting your mic from saliva and moisture demages
High quality foam that filters all your unwanted noises