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1. This 2 in 1 wireless Bluetooth keyboard & Leather case is specially designed for your smartphone with practical, multiduty, portable and convenient purpose. 2. The angle of view is adjustable via the stand, so you can watch movie or text so easily. 3. The soft inner material can protect your phone from any scratches, drops and any damages… 4. The keyboard is fixed to the case by velcro, so you can take down or take up the keyboard anytime you need. 5. There is a card pocket in the stand, so you can put your ID, bank card, driver card … in the holder slot. 6. All the port opening is available for lens, charging, button… Note: The smartphone is NOT included!This 2 in 1 wireless Bluetooth keyboard & leather case is specially designed for iPhone 6 Plus & 6S Plus Smartphone
The Broadcom® Bluetooth Chipset makes connection much fast and stable. The power standby time: 30 days; uninterrupted working time: 30 hours
The velcro attached keyboard can be taken down / up whenever depends on your needs
The card holder stander can let your phone stand up under any angle of view for watching vedio or text conveniently
The soft inner shock proof material can protect your smartphone from any scratches / damages…