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Brand: Fujicables
Model: FJC001
Cable Type: Coaxial audio cable
Material: High purity oxygen-free copper (OFC)
Internal Resistance: 75 Ohm
Color: Claret-red
Length: 5 Feet(1.5m), 6.5 Feet(2m), 10 Feet(3m), 16.5 Feet(5m)
Wire Diameter: 7.0mm
Gender: Male to Male
Connector: RCA-RCA

Ideal Solution
Fujicables subwoofer cables connect a subwoofer speaker or amplifier to an audio receiver with RCA terminals for transmitting high frequency signals and exceptional quality bass

Excellent Quality
24K gold-plated connectors and pure oxygen-free copper conductors ensure high quality sound experience.

Eco-friendly and Safe
The cord housing is made by eco-friendly and innoxious material that meets RoHS standard, safe and environmentally friendly

Stable transmission
Eddy designed connectors make it stably connected with the devices and insures high quality transmission.

Strict Quality Control
Only the products pass through 3 quality inspections and 9 performance testings that will come out to the market.

Easy Installation
Soft cord makes it easy to carry and suitable for small space.

Devices with RCA ports, like subwoofer, stereo receiver, sound system or other audio components.

Note: Please don’t curve the wire to 90 degrees, it will destroy the cable, keep the connector in good condition that will increase the life time of the cable.

Fujicables Subwoofer Cable is ideal for connecting subwoofer speakers to audio receivers, stereo receivers or sound systems with standard single RCA port, while results with excellent bass output
Split-tip center pin ensures tighter terminal contact and secure connection that provides consistent signal strength
Corrosion-resistant gold-plated RCA connectors provide a low-loss, deep and precise audio transmission
Pure oxygen-free copper conductors, wrapped with 2 layers of copper braided shielding and 2 layers of aluminum foil shielding, for maximum protection against the hum/static encountered
With a tough and pliable PVC jacket finished, the cable is very easy for routing and installation. Come with an adjustable & reusable Velcro cable strap for easy organization & storage

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets