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1. This dual trigger can be installed under drumhead and on drum shell to transfer vibrations to most electronic drum sound modules.
2. Depends on your drum sound module, will be able to get drumhead, rim, or rimshot sounds.
3. It has a long 1/4″ stereo jack socket, great for using on acoustic drum shell or wood drum shell.
4. This product comes exactly as shown in the main photo, and the application example is also in the photos.
5. The example is wood drum shell, trigger is under top drumhead.
Will need to drill a 12mm hole on drum shell for installing the 1/4″ jack.
The jack with black wire is for drumhead sound, and the red wire is for rim sound.
Demo video (Playing with Goedrum e6 drum sound module) Triggers
1/4″ (6.3mm) Stereo Jack Socket
Parts for DIY Electronic Drums