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GTD Audio V-28 microphone unit is a very high quality professional and reliable 2 channel VHF wireless handheld microphone systems. It uses the most advanced technology called SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) and is made of the highest quality surface mounted components to ensure its quality and reliability. It’s ideal for professional performance, in church or home karaoke use.2 Channel Receiver with 2 Hand held Microphones
Individual volume controls on each Channel
300 feet ( 100 Meters ) Range
1/4′ Mixed output, & 1/4″ Individual outputs
Available Frequencies: Set 1 ( 230.90Mhz, 240.10Mhz ) Set 2 ( 244.30MHZ, 251.30Mhz ) Set 3 ( 266.20Mhz, 215.5Mhz ) Set 4 ( 240.30Mhz, 212.60Mhz )