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* Innovative 8 IN 1 System * Longest lifetime on the market * Portable, high quality & flexy * Durable, nylon protecting net layer * Added: Special anti-static layer * Braided shield, double denoise * This IS The New Generation of music cables


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✭WATCH OUT for low quality music wires accessories here on Amazon – Our 10 feet black cords hold up to unusual wear and are resistant to tear – Take advantage of top quality gear technology: coiled & braided golden tipped straight power plugs, OFC Insulator Shield & Conductive PVC Shield, which were designed for upgraded EMI and RFI noise rejection, oxygen free – Get longest lifetime on the market
✭STOP experiencing annoying buzzing and humming sounds (common for most solutions on the market) – Invest in most flexible, solid, heavy duty materials with professional connector – Pack it anywhere you go – Use it for months to come thanks to durable, nylon protecting net layer & high connectivity signal shield
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