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Learning How to Play Guitar Can Be Hard

Fret Not!
– Great detail and care made to massively reduce your learning curve
– Color coordinated notes – Flats & Sharps to excel your understanding
– SEE the note – TRAIN your fingers – MASTER guitar
– Wear-Poof vinyl strips with top coat means you will tire before the strips do
– Removable & Reusable, peel & play
Free guitar pick with every order

Train Smarter Not Harder
Fret Not! Is a guitar training system designed to accelerate your abilities and understanding of guitar. We provide a visual map of your guitar neck to train your eyes, fingers and ears. Having notes in front of you allows you to excel your understanding of note relationships & layout. Color coordinated note strips make following along to your guitar video or book training easy; your notes are available to you at a glance. Clear vinyl material allows you to maintain the sleek look of your guitar neck. Wear proof materials mean you will be jamming late into the night with no fear of ruining your Fret Not strips.Translating guitar tab has also become much easier as each fret strip is numbered to minimize need of counting up while reading tab. Although it should be mentioned, the layout of the notes is designed for right handed players, we can certainly look into fulfilling needs of left handed players in the future.

Ready to Learn?
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– Our goal is to ensure quality and customer satisfaction over everything!
– If you should experience euphoric excitement from increased guitar understanding lasting more then 3 hours, Don’t call a Doctor. ROCK ON!

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LEARN FASTER! – Fret Not allows you to massively reduce your guitar learning curve and have fun training
SEE-TRAIN-MASTER – Color coordinated strips puts guitar notes in your hands & the knowledge available at a glance
THE MUST GIFT – With many sold already, people agree. We make guitar learning painless.. Fret Not!
WEAR PROOF MATERIALS – Built to stand up to your jam sessions. Play like you mean it, we’ll hold up our end!
6 STRING ELECTRIC & ACOUSTIC – If Your learning 6 string, You need this in your guitar accessories