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24 Assorted Guitar Picks Custom Designed in Premium Celluloid by ToneWarrior for Amazing Tone

Choose ToneWarrior Picks Today for Your Exceptional Tone Experience!

• Are you looking to enhance your Tone?
• Is your pick collection sparse and does it lack variety? 
• Are you frustrated with picks breaking because you don’t have the right thickness?
• Are you looking for a diversity of sizes for diversity of tone?

Introducing ToneWarrior Guitar Picks for more Tone-Ability!

• Custom Designed in Premium Celluloid.
• Designed in Light/Thin for bright tone and flexibility.
• Designed in Medium for punchy tone and stability.
• Designed in Heavy for dark tone and durability.

Amazon Buyers Trust our ToneWarrior Brand for Quality Premium Products!

Here is what they are saying,”Great product! I love how they play and feel.”
“These are the only picks that I have found to supply a consistent, vintage tone time and time again.”

You are protected by our “Money Back Guarantee!”

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ASSORTMENT OF PREMIUM PICKS – remarkably warm, fat vintage tone like tortoise shell picks of the 70s, Pros love them
PERSONALIZED TONES- Bright with flexibility, Punchy with stability – Dark with durability
UNIQUE GUITAR PICKS – Made with Durable Quality Celluloid and Sustainability
ON EVERY GUITAR PLAYER’S WISH LIST- Great gift for Beginner, Pro, Men, Women, Teens, Girls, Guys, Kids
60 DAY RISK FREE GUARANTEE- Just a few Clicks away to better Tone.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets