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Guitarists seem to be compulsive guitar buyers. Check out any user review on guitars and the reviewer often lists five or six guitars they own. A new guitar is often chosen to boost motivation to play guitar. But you can save money with these 12 motivation boosting purchases at less than the price of a new guitar.

New strings

Your guitar is always easier and more agreeable to play with new strings. Buy a few boxes and play with fresh strings all the time.


A correctly used metronome or rhythm box is a valuable practice tool. Build your rhythm skills and speed and never miss a beat.

Guitar stand

Keep your guitar in view and you are sure to pick it up and play more often. Avoid accidents and dents with a guitar stand to hold your guitar securely with no stress on the neck.

Headphone amplifier

This one is for you electric guitar players. Avoid the hassle of connecting an amp with a handy Vox amPlug or similar device. Leave it plugged into your guitar's jack with a pair of headphones and you can pick up and play instantly, anytime and anywhere. Better still you will not annoy the neighbours.

Training book, DVD

A new tutorial will always give you fresh ideas and motivation. Learn something new in your own style, or try out an unfamiliar one.

Song book

Do not feel like lessons? Get some new songs to play instead. Learn something from an artist or a style you do not know. You'll get more inspiration than the same old stuff you usually play.

You could also pick up a guitar magazine for new song and lesson ideas.

Lessons with a teacher

Invest in some time with a teacher. My local music school charges $ 300 for a year of weekly lessons, that's less than a new guitar. You could also just take a half dozen lessons to give yourself something new to work on.


If you do not want to spend a whole year doing lessons why not sign up for a workshop? One day, a weekend, or a whole week of guitar, spend some time off dedicated to your favourite hobby.

Concert tickets

Get yourself tickets for some guitar music. Prefer a small venue where you can get close and see the guitarist play. If you do not find a suitable concert then maybe a concert DVD could fit the bill.

Jam tracks

Your music takes on a whole new dimension with a backing band to accompany you. With jam tracks you can get a band of any style in your lounge to download or buy on CD.

Sampler – looper

Create your own jam tracks with a recorder or looper. You do not need a home studio, a portable recording device will do just fine. Who knows, maybe you'll compose a top ten hit?

A comfortable chair

Get yourself a good, comfortable chair to practice guitar. It benefits not only your guitar playing but also your health.

That's 12 ideas to boost motivation and learn more without buying a new guitar. And as a bonus here's one that does not require you to spend anything at all. Just get to know your own guitar differently: play arpeggios instead of strumming, play with your fingers instead of a pick, try some slap. The possibilities are almost endless.

Source by Gary Fletcher

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets