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The LESLIE brand is, synonymous with high-quality sound, performance, construction and reliability, and the LESLIE LS*2012 Combo Amplifier upholds the tradition. This non-rotary design is perfect for solo or ensemble keyboard performance, solo performers with acoustic guitar and voice, or other application where powerful, clean amplification is desired.The LS*2012 features a stereo preamp section with 3 discrete input channels: Instrument, Keyboard, and Microphone. Each has independent 3-band EQm and the Instrument and Keyboard channels feature L&R stereo 14 input jacks. The Microphone channel features 14 and XLR jacks. The Instrument and Keyboard channels include independent stereo send and return jacks for effects management. The Master Control division uses a Global 3 band EQ, Master volume control and a discrete Headphone jack with its own volume pot. An incredible combo amp for real-world gigging, this displays all of the design finesse and tour-grade construction youve come to expect from Leslie products.POWER AMPMono Solid State: 100W RMS/ Peak 150W PeakPRE-AMP (mini mixer)Stereo – 3 Channel MixerFRONT PANELMaster control: Volume / 3-Band EQ (Low/Mid/High) Channel Inputs/Control: 3 + (1) HeadphoneKeyboard Channel (1) L & (1) R TR – 1/4″ mono each Effect – Send & Return (1) L & (1) R TRS – 1/4″ mono each Control Volume / 3-Band EQ (Low/Mid/High) Instrument Channel (1) L & (1) R TR – 1/4″ mono each (Passive/Active) (Passive/Active)Effect – Send & Return (1) L & (1) R TRS –