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This performance keyboard package is designed around the Hammond XK-3c Drawbar Organ, and also includes a keyboard amp, a stand, a bench, a sustain pedal and a set of headphones.The HAMMOND Xk-3c is recognized throughout the world for its sound, style and unmistakable dedication to the traditions created and maintained by HAMMOND for over 75 years. When a Hammond B-3 is not available, for whatever reason; serious musicians everywhere know only the Hammond Xk-3c can fit the bill. Many imitators have been brought forth, but one touch of their keys demonstrates you cant clone soul, and you cant clone feel. You dont have to break in an Xk-3c, and you dont have to get used to it. It feels right and sounds right, because it is right. Only a genuine HAMMOND can deliver this promise.The Xk-3c is, for all practical purposes, the top manual of a Hammond B- 3, with two sets of Harmonic Drawbars, Chorus-Vibrato, and Touch-Response Percussion. The reverse-key presets function exactly as they do on a B-3, and the traditional waterfall keyboard fits like a glove. The Digital Leslie spins the sound just as you remember, and the entire package weighs only 35 pounds. If you desire, you can take the Xk-3c from its box and go straight to a gig-its that familiar-if youve ever played a B-3 you know how to play the Xk- 3c. Go ahead and mash the drawbars-they look, feel and respond just the way they are supposed to. Yes, there are a few more buttons on the panel than youd find on a B-3, and you can ignore them if you want to.For a more complete description and reviews of the XK-3c, please see #703103.XK-3c Drawbar OrganPhonic MK50 Keyboard AmplifierOn-Stage Stands KT7800+ Keyboard BenchTwo Standard 1/4″ Straight Instrument Cables Black 20’Proline Professional Sustain PedalKS7190 Single-braced StandMarantz MPH-1 Headphones