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TINGSHA POOJA GHANTIMade in special metal and shape to produce a shimmering and sustained.Tehe pure sound helps create the focus necessary to meditate. The aim of which is to experience the ‘Sound-Seed’ (the central truth within) beyond ordinary hearing.Tingshaws are used to indicate the beginning and the end of meditations. In Feng Shui, objects which create sound attract beneficial energies, happiness & success to the home.The sound of Tingshas is used for clearing & cleansing space environments, so that the room is once more ‘open’ & harmonious. NOTE : IT IS A HAND MADE ITEM .SO, THERE MAY BE SOME DIFFERENCE IN APPEARANCE FROM THE PICTURE SHOWN.BUT THE ITEM MUST SAME.VERY ATTRACTIVE TINGSHA PIJA GHANTI- IDEAL TO KEEP IN TEMPLE- VERY AUSPICIOUS TINGSHA DIMENSIONSExtra Large- DIAMETER – 9 CM- WEIGHT – 250 GRAMS APROX material – brass and thread .