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Specifications :
1. Model : SF-910
2. Material : Solid ABS plastic raw materials
3. Sensitivity: -55dB+-2 dB  
4. Directivity: Noise canceling  
5. Impedance: <=2.2 kohm  
6. Sensitivity reduction: Within -3dB at 1V  
7. Operation voltage: 1.5V  
8. Frequency Response: 50MHz-16KHz  
9. S/N ratio: More than 36dB  
10. Cable length: 2 meters  
11. Tripod height: 20 cm  
12. Microphone size about: 13(height) x 4(width) x 2.5(Thickness) cm  
13. Net Weight : 200g

Package includes:
1 x Condenser Microphone
1 x Tripod Stand

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Specially designed for chatting over MSN,SKYPE and singing over Internet.
Connector Port Type : 3.5mm Female Plug.Wide frequency response, high quality vocal performances
Comes with a tripod for supporting the microphone.Conveninently set with the help of stand and clip.
Noise cancellation.High quality microphone,perfect voice recorder.
Conveninently set with the help of stand and clip.Quick and easy installation .

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets