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As a hip-hop artist, you may find that your beat is the most important part of your new project. It is the beat that will drive your song giving it the edge to go platinum and that will have your listeners up off their chairs and out on the dance floor.

There are many different genres of beats. It is crucial for you to determine what style of beat that you need to match with your lyrics and vocals. Some of these genres are the east-coast beats, the dirty-south beats, the west-coast beats to name just a few. Using quality current rap, pop and hip hop beats in your projects will have you sounding like the top artists of today!

Once you have determined your style you want to listen very carefully to the different beats available. You want to make sure that they complement and add to your project as well as show the talent that you have. If you are going to buy hip-hop beats, you want to make sure that you have found the newest and hottest sounds so that your new project will bring a new and fresh sound to your listeners. A fresh new song with a fresh new beat or combination of beats may take you and your talent to a major level.

Listen to what is at the top of the charts today, because that is what people are listening to. Pattern your project after the top beats, but at the same time do something so that you will stand out and be unique. Make sure that your melody and lyrics fit well with the rap beats that you choose. Remember that your new song will be played in a lot of different venues. The venues may include clubs, concerts, radio and television. So be sure that they sound good in all venues.

After you have selected what genre of hip-hop beats to buy, you want to try different ones with your song to see which instrumental beats takes it to another level.

Making sure that the instrumental beats have the correct mastering will enhance your performance and let your music be as loud and with as much presence as the major hip hop, pop and rap stars.

If you are a hip-hop artist, buying hip-hop beats or rap instrumental beats, or even some pop instrumental beats will allow you to try different varieties and and let you grow as a artist. Make sure that the beats that you choose will show your creativity and style. Choose hip-hop beats that will help you to establish your career and help you to become the next up and coming hip-hop artist.

Source by Clive Calvin

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets