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Hip hop beats as instrumentals for you or someone else to rap over are some of the most fun aspects of being into hip hop music. Rather then relying on a group of musicians to all get along together and write a song, the beats producer is a one man band of sorts…drawing up on his inspiration to convey a musical message. Such a message can be difficult to convey and get out of your mind. Oftentimes, the end result will sound absolutely nothing like what you were hearing in your mind. Sometimes this is okay, if you are comfortable with working with what you have… if you know how to turn lemons into lemonade so to speak.

But for most noobs trying to craft the perfect hip hop beats instrumentals, getting the ideas out of your head can be a frustrating task. You spend all day with these melodies and beats churning around in your overactive mind, but when it comes down to laying down these beats into your favorite software…you either come up blank or the end result is nothing you’d want to let even your best friend listen to. Been there, done that.

Here are some simple tips that will let you get your phat beats out of your head:

  • Record Your Voice: Use a tape recorder or a digital recorder, or even your cell phone. Get out of your project studio and go do some chores around the house or take a walk around the block. Any melody that pops into your head, record it! Then when you’re back in your studio, try to translate your melodies and beats into your software. You’d be surprised the awesome stuff that come come out of your head when you’re doing something other than hitting MPC pads, or clicking on a piano roll or step sequencer!
  • Coffee or and caffeinated beverage: Most people say drugs are a no no when it comes to music or life in general…but I say if we could make an exception it would be caffeine. Caffeine can make the most wildest ideas flow.
  • Hang out with other beat makers: Few things are better to get ideas for hip hop beats and instrumentals than hanging out with other beat makers. Watch them work and learn from them. There’s so many thing that you could be doing to limit your creativity that you could correct if you could just watch someone who is doing it the right way.

These are just some of the ideas. As you keep making beats, you will learn how to learn. Sounds funny but it is very true.

Source by Mike Presney

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets