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Amazing Microphone, you can use it in two ways: Wired or Wireless, it is fun to use it, no matter you plug direct to your singing machine or Karaoke amplifier, it is a perfect mic for party in holidays. The 6 feet long wire is good for a Karaoke party and you may use it by turning it to a wireless microphone.
On the Receiver, you need one AA battery to power it, and just plug the RCA plug to your MIC jack on the PA system. On the transmitter (Handheld Mic) , you need one AA battery to power it , there is a Mute switch on the mic to avoid noise or Bang on the mic when you turn it on while the receiver is on. It is simple to use and simple to set it up. No other parts needed,just plug and play !
Frequency Range: 110Mhz-120 Mhz
Working Range: 15-30 Feet Wirelessly
The Package comes with
1. Simple plastic Box
2. Metal Microphone
3. Antenna
4. Receiver Box
5. RCA Cable 6. User manual

Note: The Receiver is tune-able, you have to tune the system to get the best reception, like to tune a FM radio station, Easy and Quick! Battery Not included.

High quality Metal Microphone with 2 Options: Wireless or Wired
Turn the Microphone into a wireless one, just plug the antenna and put the battery
6 Feet long Wire Cable to connect it your singing machine
Portable Receiver, just put a battery and plug to your Mic Jack, you can use the system without a cable
30 days money back guarantee and one year limited warranty