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Hisonic HS596A wireless microphone system comes with 2 Transmitters that enable 2 people to use at the same time.

The System is built with one 1/4 inch Jack for audio out out and one LXR balanced output for professional equipment connection.

The Belt-Clip is built in the body transmitter convenient for use.

The UL listed AC adapter comes with the system for 110V power source.

The volume control on the body transmitter is easy to control your voice output from your speaker system.


*Receiving System: Fixed Frequency crystal-controlled;

*Sensitivity: 10dB for 60dB S/ N;

*Audio Output: 25K unbalanced: 0-0.5V/5K ohm, 15KHz deviation;

*Output Connectors: 1 1/4″ unbalanced output jack,

*1 XLR balanced output jack;

*Power Supply: 12V (Separate AC adaptor)


* Operating Frequency: VHF high band, 230MHz to 280MHz;

* Frequency Stability: 0.05%, crystal-controlled;

* Modulation Mode: FM;

* Audio Frequency Responses: 40Hz to 20KHz;

* S/ N Ratio: > 90dB;

* Image Rejection: <98dB;
* Distance: 150 ft in door, 300 ft outdoor.

* Package Includes:

* Two VHF Wireless Transmitters;

* Two headsets and two lapel microphones;

* One 120V AC Adapters (12V DC output);

* Two 9Volts ( For testing only);

* Instruction Manual.High quality microphone system with 2 Headset microphones and 2 lapel microphones
Hi-Fi sound quality and long range transmisson up to 300 fts
Suitable for professional stage performance and home use
Wide frequency response with low harmonic distortion
30 days money back guarantee and one year limited warranty

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets