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The HitLights R108 RF Controller is an ideal solution for LED controllers in hard to reach places. The RF signal can penetrate doors, walls and other materials, meaning you can hide your receiver in a cabinet, inside a wall or even in the next room. The R108 controller includes the remote and is rated for 144 Watts – around 72 feet of our Standard Density RGB 5050 Light strip or 36 feet of our High Density RGB 5050 Light strip [search for HitLights 5050 LED]

Product Features : 
• 20 Colors
• 19 Modes
• Speed/Brightness Controls
• 1 Year Warranty

Syncing Instructions: 
• Unplug from power, then plug back in
• Hold down speed+ and speed- buttons within 5 seconds
• Your LEDs should flash briefly – and you’re done!

Technical Specifications : 
• Input : 12V DC
• Output : 4 Pin RGB (Up to 72 Watts)

HitLights is a US based company that has been selling LED products on Amazon for five years, and is the first Amazon Certified Brand to be UL Safety Approved. We are committed to being the best LED and strip light solution provider on Amazon.

Proudly made in China.REMOTE CONTROL Includes 20 Colors, 19 Modes and Speed/Brightness controls
RELIABLE RF SIGNAL can be used through walls, doors and more
EASY INSTALLATION with DC Jack input and 4 Pin output
HITLIGHTS QUALITY with 1 Year Warranty

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets