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Marine Band Thunderbird Blowin’ Up A Storm. A new dimension of deep-toned harmonica playing! Named in tribute to a song by Little Walter and a band fronted by virtuoso blues harp player Kim Wilson, the Marine Band Thunderbird combines Hohner’s leading edge innovation with cover plates designed by legendary customizer Joe Filisko to create the benchmark for low key harmonicas. This revolutionary new model offers unprecedented volume and response in the low register, with virtually no reed rattle. Break new ground with the meanest, fattest low-down sound around!Key of Low D
Special new reed profiles for fast response and high volume even at extremely low pitch.
Conical lower cover design prevents reed rattle.
Triple-coated laminated bamboo comb (patented), an innovative renewable natural material.
Covers and reed plates fitted with Philips head screws permit easy assembly and disassembly and facilitate maintenance.