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Hola! Deluxe Padded 3/4 Size 36 inch Gig Bag for Acoustic and Classical Guitar, Black

As a musician, you’re not looking for a brand name built to impress people who don’t know anything about the songs you play, or a piece of flashy fabric that does nothing but dress up your guitar.You’re searching for something that will get you from gig to gig in one piece and keep one of the most precious parts of your life protected from shocks, scratches, and sudden accidents.

With a layer of hard-wearing, padded nylon on the outside, a specially engineered cushion shielding your guitar’s neck, and a slab of solid but forgiving rubber at the bottom to protect your guitar from whatever lurks on garage and studio floors, this case can take you and your music wherever your creativity leads you, whether it’s a jam session in your best friend’s living room or a concert on the beach.

Hola! Music guarantees quality and affordability. Hola! – Say Hello to Music!

Fits 3/4 size acoustic and classical guitars up to 36 inches in length.
Soft fabric and layer of reinforced padding protect the surface of your guitar from damage.
Neck support pillow distributes your guitar’s weight evenly, protecting the neck of your guitar from shocks and strain.
Water repellent nylon fabric covering the outside, along with the hardy rubber bottom and the 12mm padding overall, give an unmatched outer layer of protection.
Comes with two pockets for picks, spare strings, and other accessories, dual adjustable shoulder straps and carry handles, and name label.