Entering music production as a career isn’t easy and can come with many obstacles if you are a sample-based producer. If you sample a pre-existing commercial recording the laws are even tougher today as publishing companies use the law to strike hard against copyright infringement. Since sampled audio recordings are your primary tools to get paid, it’s time to reevaluate your tool set for options of samples which you can use as a non-risk approach to creating music which still sounds like sampled vinyl but does not pose a legal threat where record companies will want to come after your pockets for shares of publishing.

As a sampling producer, The Drum Broker is your savior as a company which was conceived with the producer in mind who would like to have more options other than the standard Hip Hop production approach of sampling from vinyl records. Also known as Hip Hop Drum Samples, this company is an online resource which provides high-quality royalty-free samples for the music production community. Here you can gain an authentic sample sound recorded and designed by top names in the music industry without having to worry about the legal issues involved with sampling another artist’s music.

Here are some tips which demonstrate ways in which you can retain the gritty analog sound of sampling from vintage vinyl while taking an approach to making your music which relies upon the use of new affordable and royalty-free sample material.

Hip Hop Drum Samples is a company which goes the extra mile to ensure that their samples sound as authentic in color and musical execution to recordings of The 1960’s and 70’s. This undeniable sound is achieved by employing the use of vintage studio equipment in the recording chain plus a roster of top-class producers and musicians. Thanks to this vision, many producers have found a successful alternative to sampling from vinyl when downloading kits from The Drum Broker. Samples by this company are packaged with each producer’s name brand and categorized by sound and instrument into a final digital product known as a “kit”. These kits feature loops, individual hits and stems to provide options for you to compose and manipulate the sounds to your liking.

When choosing a sample kit, think back to your overall vision and purpose as a producer. How can any kit from The Drum Broker compliment your music and help you make a seamless transition from sampling vinyl records to royalty-free sample kits? At this stage you must rely on your ear to help you identify the perfect match of sound to your production within the vast sound library of Hip Hop Drum Samples.

Keep in mind that when downloading any one of these sample kits you are receiving sounds designed by producers who are essentially on the same mission as you: they are working professionals who need to find an alternative to sampling from vinyl. The producers and sound designers at Hip Hop Drum Samples all at one time found themselves in the same predicament as you in having to create their own samples from scratch. One of those producers goes by the name of Frank Dukes who provides original Soul samples which are dramatic in mood in his “Kingsway Music Library” series of kits. If your production sound is dark and sinister in tone yet soulful, choose one of Frank’s kits which feature loops and instrumental stems of grooves performed by his team of musicians using vintage gear.

If you would like to go even darker in your sound selection, browse through the sounds of award-winning producer Illmind. In his signature Blap Kits, you will not only find drum sounds which he has used as the foundation for numerous hits for the likes of 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Skyzoo and others, but also a diverse selection of synths, basses, guitars and voices derived from the obscure musical influences of his sample-based producer background. The balance between vintage sound and new electronic sound is what separates Illmind’s Blap kits from the rest as he provides both a polished, cutting-edge sound ready for the mainstream and raw sound for the underground.

When it comes to Soul music sampling, Jake One remains one of the most influential in the music industry who delivers neck-snapping production which graces the top of the charts. In order to proceed in your transition from sampling vinyl to kits, Jake’s lead is a good path to follow. He has been successful in creating a seamless transition between the use of kits and the music of live musicians to maintain a sound which feels like it was sampled from vinyl. You can start by downloading one of Jake One’s “Snare Jordan” kits to gain access to his signature drum sounds. If you need a source of original royalty-free Soul samples, download Jake’s “15 Piece” kit which features grooves composed and performed in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist G Koop. It’s all about 70’s Soul and heavy drum sounds when you employ sounds from Jake’s Snare Jordan Enterprises.

You may be on the hunt for a set of quality drum and bass sounds in addition to original grooves to add to your sound library. If so, then it is worth lending your ear to the samples created by one of Hip Hop’s most prolific and influential drum sound designers. Drawing from samples in his personal MPC2000XL sampler, Marco Polo presents the “Pad Thai” series of drum and bass sample kits. This generous offering of sounds come from beats he has made for Hip Hop artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Hannibal Stax and others. With his blend of drum sounds sampled from vinyl and made original through layering and EQ along with signature bass sounds, Marco still manages to keeps the ears of underground Hip Hop fans happy with minimal sampling if any. His sounds are unique and is a great example of how to proceed in maintaining an authentic Hip Hop sound while avoiding sample clearance issues through the use of sample kits.

As a Hip Hop producer, you are bound to evolve in your sound after time spent honing your craft. In most cases this may mean you are seeking to elevate your beats to showcase a more musical approach. For this purpose, Hip Hop Drum Samples employs a roster of professional musicians to round out their catalog of kits giving producers the option to choose from a variety of musical ideas including riffs, grooves, loops and hits. Sampling the performances of musicians is a common studio method used by the majority of professional working producers of today as a way to expand upon a basic musical idea and/or provide an alternative to sampling. The Drum Broker makes it easy for you to begin sampling the performances of world-class musicians in their collection of kits by talents such as drummer Timmy Rickard, MSXII, bassist Corney Mims and other instrumentalists employed by the producers at Hip Hop Drum Samples.

The convenience of sampling the sounds of instrumentalists from kits by The Drum Broker in the studio provides more flexibility than sampling from a commercial recording on a vinyl record. You benefit by being able to receive the individual track stems of each musicians performance which gives you access to each instrument. When sampling from a vinyl record, you do not have the option to separate instruments of the recording into stems which limits your creativity. Most importantly, you benefit from being free to use the music on these kits without the anxiety of receiving a call from the publishing company or lawyer of these musicians who are complaining about their music being sampled. At Hip Hop Drum Samples you are sampling music which is guaranteed royalty-free!

One hurdle you must overcome in making a successful transition from vinyl record sampling to using sample kits is to avoid being swayed by the opinions of others. There are a group of people who firmly believe that the use of kits is forbidden in Hip Hop based on their view of tradition. However, when it comes to artistic expression there is no one who should be able to tell you what to do. Believe in yourself, set out to break the mold of old ways which others are set in and stand as a musical innovator. After all, at the end of the day the listeners of your music are unlikely to know or care whether or not you even used a sample kit to make your music if it is original and produced well. All they care about is the final product good or is it not.

Head out on your mission to make your music royalty-free and authentic with confidence after absorbing the advice provided above. Your are in good hands with The Drum Broker who are a company which is groundbreaking in the industry as sound providers and saviors of producers from sample clearance legalities.

Source by JR Fletcher