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Picking up drumming is not just a hobby, however a lifestyle. It requires a lot of commitment and diligence in order to be successful. The emergence of being a good drummer is immense. Being a drummer can be one of the most fulfilling things someone can do in their life.

You might be asking me now, how do you get to that level? There is definitely a difference between a drummer who plays for a hobby, and a drummer who plays for a lifestyle. The big difference is attitude and practice habits. Having the commitment to practice regularly is the only way you will improve and become a better drummer. Below is our top 3 tips for you to fast track your drumming skills.

Tip 1

Make time to practice and time to play. One of the biggest errors a drummer can make is failing to make time for practice as well as time for jamming. There is a big difference between practicing and jamming. Practice time is a chance to work on your stick control, drumming beats, skills, and other techniques that you may want to learn. Jam time is a chance to apply your newly learned skills and play a proper song.

Tip 2

Use a practice pad. This is an obvious tip for drum practicing; even it goes a little deeper than that. During practice, you should spend time practicing on the full drum set. And the other half of the time on a practice pad. Although this is something every drummer has been advised, however this is something usually being ignored and rarely being carried out. The benefit to using a practice pad will force you to develop your stick control. When you play on a full drum set, you have a lot of distractions in front of you, making it easy to play around the kit instead of focusing on one technique.

Tip 3

Practice with a metronome. If you're terrible at keeping with beats or time, this is the obvious tip for practicing. Practicing without a metronome can actually hinder your drumming, as you may learn how to play a drum fill or solo off time! We are drummers; our duty is to keep the band on time. If we can not even play a solid drum beat or roll on time, then how are we supposed to lead a band?

To keep up with the drumming spirits, remember to have fun no matter what you are playing. This means even if you are practicing boring rudiments, try and find a way to make it fun. If you are not having fun when you are playing, then you will not learn nearly as much. Play what you want to play, and practice what you want to practice! You will soon become a better and crazy drummer !

Source by Janet SS Wong

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets