Many people dream to become a successful professional singer in India. They don’t know how to take the right path that could take them to their destination. The reality is that things are not easy and you have to be ready for hard work.

There are several ways to become a successful singer. Most singers in India want to become an established playback singer as it gives them the maximum exposure. A playback signer gets to sing for actors playing characters on a film screen. Since Bollywood is a craze in India the playback singer is able to reach out to a large number of music lovers if he sings for a film.

To become a singer one way is to directly reach out to successful music composers. The music composers are popular musicians who compose music for films in India. They can offer a chance to a newcomer and make his career. Several playback singers in the past have become successful by directly approaching music composers. However, you need to have a great quality of voice as well as good luck to be given a chance by a music composer. Many people like Kishore Kumar and Udit Narayan became playback singers by directly approaching music composers.

Another way to become a professional singer is to take part in music reality shows run by several TV channels in India. You can get lucky and if you get selected in top 5 positions then you may be noticed by filmmakers or music composers who may decide to give you a chance. Shreya Ghoshal is one example who became a successful playback singer after being spotted by film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali at a music talent show.

Another way to launch your singing career is to cut a music album after spending your own money. Once you manage to launch your own song album in the market and succeed in marketing it well then many people may spot your talent and offer you work. Sometimes your album becomes so successful that you earn a good amount of money. Then you can keep launching new albums and become popular without any one’s help. Many pop singers launch their own albums to launch their careers. Remo Fernades and Alisha Chinai launched their careers this way. They sing for both their private albums as well as Hindi films.

Needless to say that you must have a good quality of voice to establish yourself in the singing career. Some people may become successful without having singing talent but they can’t survive in the long run.

Source by KV Gautam