Singing bowls are known for their beautiful sound and their usefulness in meditation, relaxation, spirituality, and healing. However, not all of them are created equal and they come in a wide variety of sounds, sizes, and types. When you are looking to buy a bowl for yourself, the material you choose is one of the first factors to keep in mind. The two main materials used are crystal and metal, and they both have their own unique and special characteristics.

Metal Singing Bowls are the most common and popular form. They have been in use since ancient times in Tibet, Japan, and the Himalayas for spiritual purposes, so there are a large number of antiques available for collectors. They have the unique property of producing multiple harmonic overtones at one time, making their music warm, vibrant and complex. They can vary greatly in appearance – some are a plain bronze, while others have intricate carved patterns and designs. Being metal, they are also quite durable and can stand up to quite a lot of handling, making them perfect for being taken easily anywhere without worry of damage.

Crystal Singing Bowls are a modern invention made of quartz. Unlike their metal counterparts, they are only capable of producing one loud and piercing note per bowl. This makes them perfect for users that prefer one specific tone, whether to target a specific chakra for healing or by simple personal preference. Appearance-wise, crystal bowls are usually either clear or frosted, although some retailers also have colored ones available. These bowls are delicate and fragile, making them perfect for decorative appeal but less suitable to frequent transportation.

When choosing a bowl, let your personal preference as far as portability, sound, decorative appeal and usage guide your choice in buying a bowl.

Source by Karma Dorje