So you wanna learn how to increase vocal range. Now, I’m not going to give you some analogy of your voice or anything like that. Instead, I’m going to give you some exercises to remember to do to help you improve your voice.

Before we begin. Always remember to warm up your voice by humming, breathing correctly and to keep your voice in good condition.

So here’s the exercises to help you increase your vocal range:

First, you wanna always keep your two thumbs under your chin at all times. Just put your thumbs right under your chin where it starts to feel soft.

Whenever you are singing wrong you will feel that the bottom of your chin gets pushed down whether you are singing high notes or low notes. Try singing a high note right now and youll feel it go down.

Now, I’m not talking about your larynx going down. That’s a different thing. Right now, just focus on the bottom of your chin. Right on top of your Adams apple.

Now if you sing wrong it will go down or harden but the thing is if you sing correctly it will never lock or go down. So as you try doing the following exercises keep your thumbs there so that you are always aware.

Next, you wanna try humming as gentle as possible. This is one thing you can try doing the moment you wake up. Just try humming mmmm for five minutes and don’t try and force the voice to go straight into the mask right away. Instead, just try focusing to sing the mmmm as gentle as possible. Without the bottom of your chin hardening.

Next, you wanna try doing vocal fry. Vocal fry is definitely the number one technique that is being used by all singers and can actually increase your vocal range instantly. This technique is used to reach the whistle notes as well as all of the notes.

I actually did it this morning around 5-10 minutes right after I woke up and my voice was working amazingly well afterwards.

Basically vocal fry brings your vocal chords together to work well and to work the right way. If you already know what vocal fry is, then great.

All of these techniques are great to help you learn how to increase vocal range. But the vocal fry is something different. Here’s a test you can do.

Listen to the recorded version of Mariah Carey singing “When You Believe” with Whitney Houston. And when Mariah sings her part of “there can be miracles”. Pay attention and listen to the part when she stops in “Mira (vocal fry) cles”. So go ahead and listen to that.

You’ll notice that when you know what vocal fry is. Mariah’s “miracles” example is great.

You may not understand all of this. But that’s ok. Honestly, I’m not able to explain how to use this technique. Since it’s so hard to explain.

Source by Kris Joner