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Artists have NEVER had the amount of freedom and advantages of being an independent artist as they do today.  In earlier ages, the record companies were everything.  Don’t underestimate them in today’s world though, they still have 1,000 times more contacts and resources than the independent artist will ever have, but my point is that independent artists have never been able to strive in the past as well as they can today.  Let me explain.

What is the most popular form of music purchasing in today’s world?  Most will say the internet of course – iTunes, etc

Before the internet, you had to buy CD’s from retail stores.  Of course the independent artist could sell their own CDs after shows, but that isn’t much compared to having your CD in every retail store throughout the country.  In this obsolete situation, only the artists with record label support could get their CD on the store shelves.  Why would a store waste shelf space by putting an unknown album on their shelves when they can put other CDs that are guaranteed to sell thousands of copies? 

They wouldn’t.  So in this obsolete situation, you would be out of luck.  BUT, since iTunes has become one of the main sources of music purchasing, you are in great luck.  When CD sales relied on selling hard copies off store shelves, guess how much that costs?  The materials, packaging, etc can cost up to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon the quantity.  Guess how much it costs to sell that same album in digital form off of iTunes?  Nearly nothing.  No material costs, no packaging costs. 

All you have to do is make ONE copy of the song and that ONE copy can generate MILLIONS of sales, where as in the obsolete music business it would take MILLIONS of copies to make MILLIONS of sales.  See what I mean?  You can have an equal amount of product on the “digital shelves” as any famous singer in the world – that eliminates your dependence on a record label to fund the massive production costs of putting an album in every store across the nation.

For the first time ever, independent artists are able to put their music up for download/sale on the digital shelves of iTunes just like all of the major artists with massive record deals. TuneCore is a new company that acts as the middleman between the independent artist and the major retailers. You, and anybody else in the world with access to the internet, can now put your very own music up for sale on iTunes just like all of the famous singers and bands. You get the money for all of the sales, where as a record label would have taken 80-90% of the profits from you.

Its your music, and you should get paid for it – ALL of it, not just a small fraction. Of course getting a record deal will significantly boost your career, but it is no longer true that you can only achieve success with a record label. The tables have turned, the doors have opened, and ANYBODY can walk through them.

To learn more about how to get your music on iTunes, read: http://www.singersconnect.net/how-to-get-your-music-on-itunes.html

Source by Thomas J

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets