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Just knowing how to play an acoustic guitar is the first step if you want to know how to play a bass guitar. The first thing that a person has to do before playing the guitar is to tune the guitar to make sure that the guitar sounds the way it should. Before you play any kind of guitar whether an electric or a bass guitar, the first thing you have to know is the string that are there on the guitar and the keys that are related to those strings.

In a normal guitar there are six strings while in the bass there are only four. Of the six strings there are 4 bass strings and 2 treble strings. A bass guitarist must always know the first four strings and how to play them really well because the first four strings are the main bass strings. The strings are placed in a particular order and this order is the same for all the basses. The strings are in the order EDGB, with the E string being the first one and the B string the last one.

The second part about learning how to play a bass guitar is learning how to master the frets on the guitar. There are around 16 frets on a normal acoustic or electric guitar, but a bass guitar has 22 frets. The frets are nothing but metallic strips that are placed parallel to one another on the neck of the guitar. The next step in learning how to play a bass guitar is mastering of the chords. To play a particular chord you have to hold many strings together and then play those at one go to produce the chord. By just mastering and learning how to play a few chords any person can become a good bass guitarist. The job of the bass guitarist is to just play these few chords and give a particular rhythm to the song.

After knowing how to play the chords the next thing you have to do is to just practice and practice because after all its practice that makes a man perfect. In order to fine tune your skills all you have to do is to connect the bass guitar to the pickup and keep playing the chords till the chords sound the way they should.

Source by Or Kinan

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets