Although the piano is intimidating since it can adapt to play in any kind of musical context, when you discover how to play piano, it could also be an enjoyable activity all year round. Contrary to many beliefs, it is not difficult to learn how to play piano in addition to it being a perfect accompaniment that compliments singers as well as other instruments in addition to having a rich, astounding and well-rounded tone.

Most websites on how to play piano provide the learning basics which would assist anyone willing to learn. The three basic steps followed are: learning how to read the keyboard, learning how to read piano notes and lastly, learning the basics of piano rhythms. Now that you ready to be taught how to play piano, remember the following points:

After making the decision to learn how to play piano, the next step would be to look for the appropriate piano for you. In most cases, since pianos are very costly, it is advisable to purchase a keyboard or digital grands which are ideal alternatives that are relatively inexpensive as compared to the pianos, or to borrow.

After you have acquired the appropriate piano or keyboard, it is necessary to find yourself a teacher who will be responsible for teaching you how to play piano. This teacher could be a piano student, a friend, or a music teacher. In case you are working on a budget, it could be worthwhile to explore some schools or colleges ready to tutor you at a sensible fee.

Finding a piano lesson book could be the alternative to a music teacher. As long as you maintain a schedule that is well structured, no less than 30 minutes each day, this could be a very cheap method of teaching yourself how to play piano.

As you learn how to play piano, ensure that you spend some of your time getting to know everything concerning the piano with the help of your teacher or your piano lesson book. Those things you need to learn include the scales, musical pieces, improvisation, theory, as well as chords. In addition look for a sheet music which should be extremely easy to play. Continue to practice with this sheet music on the piano until the time when you can be able to play that sheet music in the presence of your folks and friends, who should form your initial support and primary critics.

It is important to continue to learn how to play piano without causing injury to yourself. It is with this regard that you must take some time to warm up as you begin each practice session. This ensures that your fingers and you are relaxed. These warm up exercises can be found in some books.

As mentioned earlier, practice is the key to becoming a piano maestro. As the simple adage states, after knowing how to crawl, you can then walk, and after walking learn how to run, the same applies for piano lessons. It is also not possible to produce sounds like those of Billy Joel or Beethoven overnight. Alternately skipping some days as you learn how to play piano is not helpful since it will render your fingers “rusty”. Find one practice method that suits you and make it a routine since practicing more increases your piano playing ability.

Source by Rikther Bedon