The beautiful, reverberating tones of a Singing Bowl make it a wonderful tool to use for energizing and purifying. While getting within the hearing range of this instrument will be strengthen, balance and stabilize your body’s energy, there are other ways to introduce Singing Bowl energy and purification into your life.

The combination of crystals and the sound waves of the bowl will relieve your crystals and even your jewelry of denser, undesirable energy. HOWEVER as state in my other articles, they MUST NOT BE PLACED IN THE BOWL WITHOUT CAUTIONARY MEASURES. You can place a felt or leather pad in the bottom of the bowl and place small stones and pieces of jewelry on it to cleanse them. It will be more difficult to ring the bowl with the leather pad in the bottom, but it can be done. I personally set my intention to clear any negative energy patterns and tap the bowl three times allowing each reverberation to complete its cycle before tapping the next time. Stones and objects to be purified or energized can simply be set beside the bowl of in the room to allow the sound waves to wash over them. Larger pieces can be held over the bowl while you run the mallet around the sides, but it’s awkward and your arm will probably get tired. The tapping sound I recommend is just easier and equally effective. Some people place the jewelry and stones into pouches and suspend them in the bowl, but I prefer the sound waves reach my stones without the dampening effect of a pouch or leather pad.

Singing bowls can also be used to sweeten water. While I don’t recommend putting water into the bowl due to the chemicals most water contains (It can corrode your bowl.), you can place a cup, glass or better yet an enclosed sport bottle of water into the bowl and ring it. Tapping is the easiest way as the larger bowls may vibrate enough to turn over your bottle. This will counteract the bitterness of the chemicals and leave you with healthier, sweeter and more pure water.

At dinner, recharge your food with a tapping session from your bowl, this strengthens the vibration of the food and your body will better absorb the nutrients. Anytime there has been conflict in the home. Place your bowl in the middle of the room and allow it to sing away the chaotic energy and restore peaceful energies. Purify the air of a sick room by playing the bowl in the center of that room. Not only will it sooth the patient and help restore balance to the body’s energetic fields, but the energy change will help purify the air.

Your Singing Bowl should be cleaned after any session where there has been chaos, illness or even spiritual activity. A purified bowl conducts energy more efficiently and produces rarefied vibrations. Why send more negative vibrations into the room?

I recommend smudging or placing the bowl in a bed of sea salt with a bit inside. Afterwards, spend some time playing it and it will reset itself. Some recommendations include wiping the bowl with an essential oils and distilled water. I don’t recommend this as it leaves oil on the bowl and in the case of textured bowls, fills the crevices with oil. The oil will be absorbed by the leather wands and will leave a slick surface that prevents proper friction for playing. If you wish to naturally charge your bowl after clearing, do not place it in the sun. The heat will build up in the crystalline structure and can break the bowl. Placing it in moonlight is better.

Use your imagination and you will discover many ways to use your bowl for energizing and purifying your surroundings. It’s beautiful, sweet tones can change your life and your environment.

Source by Lillie Ruby