Howlin’ Wolf: The Back Door Wolf 1973

This is an amazing album. Listening to it takes you to some old juke joint out past the city limits, the smell of cigarettes and whiskey in the air and the sound of “The Wolf” coming from the small stage in the corner.

There’s more art, as it is called, in this sixty-three-year-old man’s large intestine than is likely to pass through Sunset Sound in a month. Can you imagine Steve Stills or one of those guys coming up with a title as bold as “Coon on the Moon,” much less turning it into a fierce, ominous cry of ironic pride. The Wolf hasn’t been in such good bellow for years. Suggestion: get rid of the electric piano player.

01. Moving (Chester Burnett) – 2:43
02. Coon On The Moon (Eddie Shaw) – 3:43
03. Speak Now Woman (James Oden) – 4:49
04. Trying To Forget You (Eddie Shaw) – 3:32
05. Stop Using Me (Chester Burnett) – 2:51
06. Leave Here Walking (Eddie Shaw) – 2:29
07. The Back Door Wolf (Ralph Bass – Eddie Shaw) – 4:00
08. You Turn Slick On Me (Emory Williams Jr.) – 4:49
09. Watergate Blues (Eddie Shaw) – 3:09
10. Can’t Stay Here (Andrew McMahon) – 2:31
11. Speak Now Woman (alternate) (James Oden) – 4:19

– Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett) – vocals, harmonica
– Detroit Junior (Emery H. Williams Jr.) – piano, harpsichord
– Hubert Sumlin (Hubert Charles Sumlin) – guitar
– Willie Harris – guitar
– James Green – bass
– Andrew McMahon – bass
– S.P. Leary – drums
– Eddie Shaw – tenor saxophone (07)
– Ralph Bass – producer

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