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HQRP 12V AC Adapter / 12 -Volt Adaptor

HQRP 12V AC Adapter / 12 -Volt Adaptor is a replacement for Jim Dunlop ECB-05 / ECB05 / ECB005 / ECB-005 ; Rockman ROCK-PWA1 Power Supply Cord. Thanks to HQRP 18VDC Power Supply Cord You may not to worry about the battery’s charge level in your device and use it as long as you need! HQRP 12V AC Adapter is lightweight, user-friendly and compact! HQRP 12 -Volt Adaptor is absolutely compatible with the original adapter.


Jim Dunlop Rockman Guitar Ace

Jim Dunlop Rockman Metal Ace

Jim Dunlop Rockman Bass AceHQRP® AC Adapter plus HQRP® Euro Plug Adapter;
Input: AC 100V – 240V; Output: DC 12V;
Safety Features: High Efficiency and Reliability; Automatic Overload cut-off;
Automatic Thermal cut-off; Short circuit and Over Voltage protection; Low Interference & Noise;
100% Compatible with Original AC Power Adapter; 1 Year warranty!

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets